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 Laboratory furniture belonging to the special test with furniture, in science and development driven by, State Key Laboratory, industry, physics laboratory, food, agricultural products, drug testing laboratory, medical college, inspection and Quarantine Bureau and other laboratory are the laboratory furniture has a not to the same extent requirements, the properties of acid and alkali, corrosion have strict safety standards, the use of material is very expensive. Considering the improvement of the experimental environment, the experiment on the experimental bench is gradually transferred to the ventilation cabinet. This requires that the function of the equipment used in the ventilation cabinet should be the most suitable. Especially the most new laboratories are required to have air conditioning. Therefore, in the preliminary design stage of construction to ventilation cabinet units will be included in the plan of air conditioning system. Because the ventilation cabinet in the biochemical laboratory occupies very important position, from improving laboratory environment, improve working conditions, improve work efficiency and consideration, ventilation cabinet use units leap to increase. The attendant is ventilation ducts, piping, wiring, exhaust all become an important topic in laboratory construction.
The main content of the experiment and the nature of the harmful substances. Commonly prescribed, general toxic pollutants of 0.25 - 0.38m/s, toxic or hazardous substances is 0.4 - 0.5m/s, toxic or have a small amount of radioactive 0.5 - 0.6m/s, gaseous 0.5m/s, particulate matter of 1m / S. In order to ensure the wind speed, the exhaust fan should have the necessary static pressure, that is, the friction of the air through the ventilation pipe. In addition, we must pay attention to the noise problem when determining the wind speed. By air flow in the pipeline to 7 - 10m limit, more than 10m will produce noise, usually Laboratory (indoor background noise level) noise limit value is 70dBA. Increasing the area of the pipeline will reduce the wind speed and reduce the noise. Considering the funding and construction of the pipeline, the power of the pipeline and the air blower must be carefully chosen.
Laboratory furniture is laboratory experiment operation platform, including ventilation cabinet, Central Taiwan, while Taiwan and reagent cabinet, instrument cabinet, locker, experimental cabinets, medicine cabinets, experimental platform, platform, a protective cover, and other. According to the classification of materials, including all steel, all wood, steel, aluminum and other types of. The surface can be used for physical and chemical boards, also can use the ceramic plate or epoxy resin board, in order to achieve the characteristics of acid, alkali, wear resistance, etc..
Laboratory furniture and equipment, which is usually the main structure of laboratory equipment, is the key part of the product.

With the development of economy, laboratory fume hood and laboratory furniture is getting more and more, due to the large number of ventilation cabinet and toxic harmful smell, its energy consumption is 5-8 times the typical office space, so the ventilation scheme needs more strict and reasonable. Simple said, at present, there are generally two kinds of solutions for frequency conversion control system (PLC) and variable air volume control system (VAV). Frequency conversion control system (PLC) in a certain extent, can play a role in the discharge of toxic and harmful gases and energy conservation, but ventilation cabinet number and involves the synthesis or complex conditions, laboratory room temperature control requirements, because it is not strict and effective control the surface wind speed and ventilation volume. In fact, it is difficult to achieve complete and effective role. Variable air volume control system (VAV) is an important form of air conditioning system. It has great potential for energy saving, but also has complex control system and complex equipment. The application of this system in the laboratory is mainly to use some technical means to effectively control the surface wind speed of the fan. Wind speed index of ventilation counter at about 0.5m/s is to ensure the effective discharge of the most basic elements, in other words, the only guarantee of face velocity is relatively constant, in order to ensure and realize the laboratory safety and comfortable environment.
Laboratory furniture of the variable air volume control system (VAV) another advantage is able to save 30%-50% energy, there is a large number of long-term ventilation requirements and the use of the site more obvious
Laboratory furniture to meet the needs of all kinds of experiments with different contents of laboratory, in the pursuit of experimental environment comfortable and safety at the same time, should meet the function of, firmness, corrosion resistance, and installation flexibility. Laboratory furniture is different from household furniture, its use often with water, electricity, gas, chemicals and materials and equipment in contact, so the structure and material of furniture proposed higher requirements, in laboratory construction must pay attention to the design and type selection of laboratory furniture. Next to the laboratory furniture in the special cabinet:

(1) sample cabinet: place all the samples with the counter samples, due to sub grid and the partitions in the labeling, etc., is easy to store samples and finding out samples, because some samples, according to the physical properties and chemical stability of the samples and placed in a dryer save, so the sub grid with large and small, in order to facilitate the storage of samples of different.
(2) drug storage cabinet: for storing liquid reagent, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, organic reagent, etc.. Generally made of wood, there are steel, can be deposited with different reagents. Cabinets are required to be stable, can be used side by side, and can also be fixed with the ground wall.
(3) dangerous goods storage cabinet: the simple and short term storage of dangerous goods, the use of stainless steel production, or refractory brick
The customers in domestic and laboratory recently of the test-bed of security requires more and more strict, for our experiments and Taiwan manufacturing enterprises from the quality aspect and the policy considerations, in the laboratory design and construction equipment should safety, convenience and other factors to consider, formulated a set of safe and feasible scheme for reference.

 lab bench using special gas control panel (special gas control panel is a subject of the stainless steel material, suitable for special laboratory gas and the metal diaphragm pressure reducing structure, seal structure, prevent pollution to material aging, the use of control valve diaphragm, channel is simple, reliable operation, long service life, valve welded connection with FSR structure, sharply reduce the leakage points, against harmful combustion gases with emissions and connecting structure to choose, choose alarm signal pressure table structure, gas under pressure to provide warning signals. And other ancillary products including card sets of joints, ventilation cabinet, filters, safety valve, back pressure valves, high corrosion Jierui according to the analysis of equipment and pipeline applications of gas pressure reducer, pipeline etc., and with high and low pressure safety discharge device. For the harmful combustible gas, it is provided with the discharge and the structure of the connection type.
According to customer requirements, the safety of the application and control of the experimental pipeline is ensured. The gas control panel design, the panel integral structure should be easy installation and maintenance, control valve diaphragm, the operation is simple, use long life, the other used alarm signal pressure gauge, gas supply undervoltage will sound and light alarm signal as a reminder.

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