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Laboratory furniture firm surplus work station of experimental teaching laboratory equipment, including hood, experimental tank, storage tank, etc. According to the material classification includes all steel, wood, steel, aluminum, wood and stainless steel, PP and other types. Mesa can use plank, physical and chemical plate, also can use ceramic plate or epoxy resin board, in order to achieve the acid, alkali, wear resistance characteristics
Test bench: steel plate CCTV unilateral experimental platform, all steel CCTV, storage, the bench;
Lab table-board: mesa, corrosion-resistant chemical
Fume hood series: plate through the wind ark, composite fume hood, new type of all steel fume hood, floor type full steel fume hood;
Cabinet put oneself in another's position series; Reagent cabinet, utensils, cabinets, gas cabinets, security cabinets, wardrobes, shoe ark;
Reagent frame: plate type reagent rack, steel glass central reagent shelf, waterproof connector, experimental bench;
Laboratory professional basin series: eye bath, emergency shower, special laboratory faucets, special laboratory corker series;
Laboratory ventilation system: atomic suction hood, universal extraction hood;
Office partition series: desk, office chair, office partition
With 25 mm base material plate of stainless steel mesa and the perfect combination of steel ark, both laboratory for cleanliness and bearing quality requirements.
Now the domestic generally believe that the laboratory furniture air ventilation cabinet is not good, mainly in the airflow design defects more, sometimes the volume control is also very good, easy to cause the turbulence but open the ventilation cabinet, but the operation personnel exposed to danger. Because before the ventilation cabinet designed specifically for customers to fill the wind type, do a lot of experiments, so that the individual, to fill the wind in the ventilation cabinet, more difficult to achieve, but also cause the turbulence probability is relatively large, unless the internal structure of the new cabinet design.

We are in the design, the air outlet on the ventilation cabinet outside, trying to do the tuyere in the ventilation cabinet glass above the door, so that air from the top down, after the operation to the ventilation cabinet, and then by the fan out (that is more complex, do not know if you can understand it), so that air is very smooth, the exhaust effect is also very good. Not only is the wind up if more people work in the air outlet can be uncomfortable when it comes to 3, and the temperature control problem of ventilation of the laboratory, I in the routine laboratory (no requirement for temperature) design, if the exhaust (air) amount is relatively large, generally not recommended air conditioning; if there is a requirement for temperature, then return to the design of the ventilation system, such high requirements for air conditioning, installation of clean air filtration (refer to constant temperature and humidity laboratory design).
Modern laboratory furniture raw materials selection is very important, according to what, the most frequently used laboratory reagents, choose the corresponding anti-corrosion materials. If the improper selection, will be in a relatively short period of time, so that one or more test bench, ventilation cabinet scrap, affect the normal work and economic losses. So in the design, selection of laboratory laboratory furniture, first of all to the experimental chemical reagents commonly used to fully understand, can choose the experiment table, ventilation cabinet table.

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