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Classification of laboratory furniture——-BEWA


It is understood that the laboratory furniture is now about the following categories: all wood, steel, aluminum, steel. These different materials, different price, the use of life is also divided into length.
Whole wood laboratory furniture: as the name suggests, is the whole body is all over the wood do, but this is not general wood, with a special fire board, it is the melamine board, do not hear the melamine on the association to milk. Melamine board as the experimental platform of the material is still relatively good, with fire and moisture characteristics, the cost is also cheaper. Aluminum laboratory furniture, wood: combination of aluminum and wood, in fact, and all wood almost, not much in the outside of the board made a layer of aluminum, also played the fireproof function, its price and the whole of the wood almost. Steel wood laboratory furniture: steel wood composite is relatively strong, it is the framework of the use of stainless steel production, and most of the use of the table is a thousand think board or fiber board, the use is not easy deformation. All steel laboratory furniture: one of the most robust, fire, anti-corrosion, anti deformation, is the longest service life, the same is the highest price, this kind of all steel laboratory furniture is generally in advanced testing and experiment will be. Laboratory furniture like all wood is generally the school laboratory will have, because the whole laboratory furniture prices low, so it became the school's first choice, which is a kind of irresponsible practice, because doing experiments will have a certain risk, it is likely to cause fire, if it is all steel laboratory furniture, then it will not be up, but if it is the whole wood laboratory furniture, then dangerous level can be high.
Laboratory furniture to meet the needs of all kinds of experiments with different contents of laboratory, in the pursuit of experimental environment comfortable and safety at the same time, should meet the function of, firmness, corrosion resistance, and installation flexibility. Laboratory furniture

From household furniture, its use often with water, electricity, gas, chemicals and materials and equipment in contact, so the structure and material of furniture proposed higher requirements, in laboratory construction must pay attention to the design and type selection of laboratory furniture.
Next to the laboratory furniture in the special cabinet:
(1) sample cabinet: place all the samples with the counter samples, due to sub grid and the partitions in the labeling, etc., is easy to store samples and finding out samples, because some samples, according to the physical properties and chemical stability of the samples and placed in a dryer save,
Therefore, it has a large and small, in order to facilitate the storage of different samples.
(2) drug storage cabinet: for storing liquid reagent, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, organic reagent, etc.. Generally made of wood, there are steel, can be deposited with different reagents. Cabinets are required to be stable, can be used side by side, can also be
And ground wall fixation.
(3) dangerous goods storage cabinet: the simple and short term storage of dangerous goods, the use of stainless steel production, or refractory brick.
Acceptance criteria for 
laboratory furniture:
(1) the overall layout of the laboratory project is in line with the requirements of the drawings, and is reasonable and orderly;
(2) laboratory furniture material, specifications meet the design requirements, the number and the engineering plan, the list of the same, and have an effective inspection certificate and testing report;
(3) the furniture is fitted correctly, firmly and closely, and the deviation shall be within the limits of the design standards. The components are connected tightly and no content is exposed;
(4) the experimental table (Central Taiwan and Taiwan) table formation, uniform color, smooth edge. Cabinet cabinet plate coating solid, uniform color, tight sealing. The door opened and closed freely, no abnormal sound. Flat plate without burr, high and low adjustment buckle flexible and effective. The back edge tight and without deformation. Skirting board loading deformation. Adjust the foot flexible, not easy to deformation.
(5) experimental slide is flexible and efficient, no paint off phenomenon. Hinge, handle light, corrosion resistance.
(6) the electric circuit modification is reasonable and orderly, safe. The power outlet is safe and effective, the installation position is reasonable, does not interfere with the experimental operation.
(7) the connecting parts of the kit are closely and without gaps, the plate is flat, the articles are not easy to slide, and the load is not deformed.
(8) the sink is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and the experimental table is not in a gap. Traps unobstructed drainage, is not easy to block. The tap valve is flexible and effective, no water leakage, no water outlet splash phenomenon. The door opened and closed freely, easy to repair and drainage pipeline.
(9) the cabinet is firmly installed, easy to use. The door opened and closed freely, the glass is not easy to fall off. The backboard is closely connected with the cabinet, plate height adjustment buckle flexible and effective.
(10) the platform is stable, anti - vibration, and the level of the table is not depressed, the edge is smooth and smooth. The balance can be adjusted independently of the level of the area.
(11) the original structure is not damaged in the process of installation of laboratory furniture.

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